Congress plays a critical role in both learning from, and protecting, whistleblowers. Additionally, Congress' constitutionally mandated oversight work very often relies on vital disclosures from public and private sector employees.

The House of Representatives took an important step to support House offices as they work with whistleblowers by codifying the independent, nonpartisan House Office of the Whistleblower Ombuds in the 117th Congress. In accordance with the House Rules, the Office has two main responsibilities:

  1. Promulgate best practices for whistleblower intake for offices of the House.
  2. Provide training for offices of the House on whistleblower intake, including establishing an effective reporting system for whistleblowers, maintaining whistleblower confidentiality, advising staff of relevant laws and policies, and protecting information provided by whistleblowers.


To support the House community in an independent and nonpartisan capacity by providing education, training, and guidance for effectively working with whistleblowers, in order to assist the House in protecting its sources while conducting its oversight function.


To be a valued, nonpartisan resource for every House office, by institutionalizing effective, safe, and consistent practices for working with whistleblowers.


Please note: The Office of the Whistleblower Ombuds DOES NOT receive whistleblower disclosures. It is an independent, nonpartisan support office established to advise House offices on best practices for working with whistleblowers from the public and private sectors. The Office treats all inquiries confidentially.